PauMy name is just Pau. Pronounced by making 🔫 sound “Pau-Pau!”

I’m financially💰 and location🌍 independent from Barcelona🇪🇸

I’m learning superpowerslanguages, writing, investing, hobbies

Rather big nose🐷 and so is my heart❤️. Anti-drama and fluently sarcastic💩

What do I look forward to?

My life is a constant battle of two sides in continuous conflict.

I love routines. I feel complete if my days look exactly the same, as long as they are filled with improvement. Usually this involves learning languages or writing. Yes. I’m an old man trapped in a young Spaniard body with a bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

I fantasize about faraway lands. I long the North. I want to see northern lights in Greenland, feel the wind in Alaska, explore an Asian monastery in ruins, have a bath at sunrise in a forgotten beach in Oceania and high-five a penguin in Antarctica.

But these two opposite-looking sides have something in common. The tranquility seeking. Avoidance of crowds, toxic relationships and pursuit of daily improvement.

What do I blog about?

I write about passions, hobbies, interests and things I consider worth leaving behind. Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed about documenting.

Language learning. It all with began with English and in stroked me hard when I realized I could have conversations in Swedish. Since then I haven’t stop learning and trying new methods to improve my knowledge of languages in the most efficient way.

Money earnings from online sources. I was in the pursuit of financial freedom and location independency since I was studying and working in a warehouse for 6 years. I closed myself in an old house, created an online company, registered in Bulgaria and made 100.000€ in 10 months.

Shower thoughts. Whatever has been thought for a second, or a month. Exposing my –sometimes weird- points of view, writings, visions and daydreams. Some of those have turned into eBooks or just conversation starters.

Laboratory. Why not test on myself certain behaviors? We take for granted certain actions because it has been done in a certain way for many years. That doesn’t mean that the popular opinion is right. It only means it’s popular.

What do I want?

Some day, after traveling a lot and accomplishing my longest goals, I’ll build my cottage or refurbish a van. Made out of wood, taking advantage of small spaces with tricks and hacks.

The place will be in front of the sea and behind the mountain. It won’t be in the city but it will be near enough to go by bike.

The alarm will be always a reason to wake up and see the sunrise, while making coffee and preparing the online work of the day.

Hobbies and spontaneous trips will take care of the afternoons and life will be simple, yet challenging in ways that will make me grown daily.

When I get old the kids around will visit me with their pirate hats and wood swords and will say “old Pau, old Pau, tell us one of your adventures”, and I’ll tell them petting my 3-legged-blind-dog on my lap.

I guess I expand a bit more when I talk about my perfect day.

If I die, pass this on

  • I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t like travel. I’ve met people who are lazy/broke/busy enough not to travel, but everybody likes a good trip so yes, everybody knows how crazy you are about traveling
  • I believe all the audiobooks on the planet should be recorded in Icelandic accent
  • We should take the stairs and cold showers more often to train our will power
  • Squeezed soft paws of a dog or a cat resting on our lap for maximum pleasure

I won’t change my mind

I consider myself pretty open-minded, but there are certain things I don’t think I will ever change my opinion on certain stuff 😛

  • I hate planes but I force myself to take them. Trains and bikes are my favorite way of transportation
  • The last horror movie I watched was The Ring, I was 14 years old and I slept in my parents bed for two days. I don’t plan on watching anything similar soon
  • I believe it’s stupid to flush our shit in the toilet using potable water, when only 1-2% of the water of the planet is drinkable

What I tell myself when I’m sad

  • Build a digital company from scratch that currently works passively for me
  • Taught myself several languages, web coding, digital marketing and more
  • Lived in several countries for several months working from my laptop
  • Lived off a 10kg backpack for a while not needing anything else
  • Flew from Europe to Thailand, slept one single night in Bangkok and went back to Europe because I didn’t like it
  • Realized that after years of moving around, traveling wasn’t my identity and I wanted to stay put in one place for longer time
  • Didn’t Fap for more than 90 days
  • Didn’t get drunk for more than a year
  • Scariest moments of my life were asking out women I liked on the street
  • Years ago I went vegetarian to impress a Croatian girl, later I realized that it made a lot of sense to not eat meat

Before dying I will…

At first I had this huge Ego List😎 of cool stuff I’ve done or I wanted to do. Then I realized it was just to boost myself up. Thing that really didn’t make any difference in my life, so I decided to cut it down to the following.

  • Find an expressive passion to pour my soul into
  • Dig a water-pit in an African town
  • Give an inspiring speech to a large audience
  • Climb a mountain for several days
  • Explore an ancient history masterpiece
  • See northern lights
  • Write a novel
  • Live in a van for a while
  • Fall in love
  • Learn the foreigner language that my wife and children will speak
  • Build my own wooden cottage
  • Have a three legged dog as a companion

Legit opinions about me

“One hell of a guy”
New York Times

“You’d be crazy not to date him”
Anna Nyström. Swedish fitness blogger

“The most interesting man I know”
Tim Ferriss. Author of The 4 hour Workweek

“He is very smart, handsome and kind”